Community Fund Application Form

Co-op Community Fund

The Co-op Community Fund is now inviting applications from non-profit community organizations seeking financial support in the upcoming year (2016-2017).

The Fund was launched in 2013 by FDCC members and is supported by a weekly in-store 50-50 lottery operated under regulations of the NB Dept. of Public Safety. The program’s primary objective is to provide financial support to non-profit organizations serving our community.

Over the past two years “Food Security” has received a high priority in our giving program with the a large portion of the proceeds being donated to the Fredericton and Oromocto Food Banks, the Community Kitchen and School Breakfast programs in local schools.

Year three begins August 1, and we see opportunities to expand the program. Regulations demand that all recipients must apply in writing and be approved in advance. We therefore invite local charities and non-profit organizations that meet our eligibility criteria to submit applications to the FDCC membership desk on or before May 31, 2016.

Application forms and guidelines are available on line or at the FDCC membership desk.
Paul Jensen
Chair, Member Relations Committee

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