Deli / HMR Fresh Cut

Upon entering Fredericton Co-Op, your eyes are attracted to the beautiful deli located just past our service desk. This area is very popular with members, including the endless displays of fresh sliced meats and cheeses, fresh pastas and various sauces. Friendly, courteous staff are always available to help members with their selections.


  • A great selection of meat and cheese trays for all occasions can be ordered. A book of samples is available or custom orders are gladly accepted
  • Smaller or larger portions of packages of any cuts of meat or cheese can be done up to your request
  • Locally made products are promoted whenever possible
  • Strict monitoring is done to ensure government standards and regulations are surpassed
  • We are continually upgrading our product lines, especially in the low fat and low salt categories
  • Promotional demos on new and regular products allow members to try products before purchasing them
  • Fresh rotisserie chickens cooked daily at unbeatable prices

HMR Fresh

Welcome to your HMR Fresh department!

HMR Fresh has a wide variety of freshly prepared fruits and vegetable, washed and ready for you to eat! HMR Fresh has a wonderful assortment of fresh salads made daily. Our Friendly staff is more than willing to assist you with any special requests you may have in regards to their crisp salads or our delicious fruit and veggie trays.

Our trays are made fresh daily and are always available for purchase in our case. However our staff would be happy to help you build the perfect custom tray for your special occasion.

  • Individual sized fruit and veggie trays –  $3.99
  • Regular sized fruit tray – $8.99 (Feeds 5 – 7)
  • Regular sized veggie tray – $7.99 (Feeds 5 – 7)
  • Large sized fruit or veggie tray – $13.99 (Feeds 7-12)

HMR Highlights!

  • Canned Pinapple (Best Price in the city)
  • Freshly prepared, cut fruit bowls
  • Wide variety of yogurts and berries
  • Trays with our special dips!
  • Prepared soup’ mixes, stir fry, omelette mixe, etc
  • Great assortment of salads
  • Seasonal jazz potatoes
  • vitamin water
  • Chocolate Apples