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At Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op we are committed to adopting ‘green’ practices and promoting ‘green’ ideas.

    Did you know that…

  • we cover our freezers at night to reduce energy consumption?
  • wooden pallets are recycled through distribution or sold to recycling companies?
  • Co-ops were the first in Canada to launch a cloth bag program?
  • The Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op promotes the use of empty boxes from groceries to be reused instead of using bags?
  • We are the leader in Fredericton in buying local? This reduces greenhouse gases caused by transportation when buying from outside New Brunswick.
  • The Fredericton Co-op has a store-wide paper recycling program? We reuse old signage tags for notepads?
  • 5500 Co-op Members get the grocery flyer electronically? This has dramatically reduced the amount of paper flyers handed out in our store.
  • Because the Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op buys local produce such as squash and apples in large wooden farm bins it reduces the need for packaging?
  • We have reduced the number of plastics bags used in the store by 21% from 2008 to 2009 and we anticipate a bigger reduction in 2010.

See what Members are doing to be GREEN

When starting to use the hot water tap for dishes etc I run it into my garden pitcher and keep it until needed. – Submitted By Member No. 3158
Clean with vinegar and lemon juice. – Submitted By Member No. 6101
Recycle plastics bags. Plant a tree. – Submitted By Member No. 5790
Use your own grocery bags. Plant a tree. – Submitted By Member No. 5806
When environmentally friendly material (soil/greenery) is removed during landscaping renovations, find another area where it can be used. – Submitted By Member No. 6910
Use a bowl of apple cider vinegar to take away smells instead of air sprays. – Submitted By Member No. 3317
Use vinegar to kill the weeds and grass that grow between bricks on your walkway. – Submitted By Member No. 6179
Save your bath water and water the garden, it kills insects. – Submitted By Member No. 9128
Use cat litter made from compostable/biodegradable/renewable resources like corn, wheat or pine instead of clay, which doesn’t break down in the landfill. – Submitted By Member No. 7108
Shut off your car when you are idling. Spread wood ashes over lawn. – Submitted By Member No. 5890
Any plastic bags I get I use as bags for waste baskets. When garbage day comes, I empty all the bags into one so I can reuse all the others. – Submitted By Member No. 3027
Recycle. Eat natural food. – Submitted By Member No. 9022
Turn off lights when not in the room. – Submitted By Member No. 9022
Rinse out milk bags and put in the recycling. – Submitted By Member No. 5134
Re-used Freezer Bags: I cut the top off my milk bags, rinse them out, and hang them to dry – then we re-use them as freezer bags. These bags are very thick and they work great for fiddleheads, strawberries, small cuts of meat etc. – Submitted By Member No. 15511
Eco Laundry: I have a front load washing machine. I wash with Down East Laundry Detergent (purchased in the 4 litre jug, in the health food section) and I fill the fabric softener and bleach sections with vinegar. The vinegar kills bacteria and softens the fabric and is much gentler on fabrics. – Submitted By Member No. 15511
Reduce Dryer Usage: We rarely use our dryer. We have wood heat which keeps the air in our home both warm and dry. When my daughter was 13, she asked why we waste energy drying our clothes in the dryer when we could save energy by hanging our clothes on racks to dry. That was 3 years ago. In the summer we use the clothes line and in winter we use the drying racks. We save our dryer for “laundry emergencies” and so we average about 1-2 loads per month in the dryer. Our light bill dropped $20 – $30 per month. – Submitted By Member No. 15511