Member Application

I, , hereby apply for membership in the Fredericton Direct Charge Co-Operative.
I agree to comply with the By-laws of the association. I realize that the following are among the requirements of membership:

a) I am required to purchase a total of thirty (30) shares at one dollar ($1.00) per share to be entitled to shopping privileges. Thereafter I am required to purchased two (2) shares each week until I have purchased at least one thousand (1,000) shares.
*For the Limited Purchase Program shares are paid at a rate of $1.00 per week.

b) I am to pay a weekly service fee to cover my portion of the operating costs in an amount to be established from time to time. At present a fee of one dollar ($1.00) a week per unit is being charged.
*For the Limited Purchase Program, the weekly service fee is waived and members pay 2% on their food purchases only.

c) Any balance remaining in respect to b) may be collected from my share capital.

d) I may resign my membership in the co-op if I move from the area or, at any time, on sixty (60) days notice. This notice is to be made in writing to the Secretary of the Association. With this I will be entitled to have returned my total investment in share capital, less any outstanding amount in b) above, subject to the By-laws.

e) This co-op will serve MEMBERS ONLY, and I agree to take no merchandise from the store for others unless they are members of my household.

In consideration of this agreement, Fredericton Direct Charge Co-Op agrees that it will purchase for members selected items of merchandise and turn them over to me at a price deterrnined by the budget. Variances in cost of merchandise may occur and such will be accepted by me based on membership approval.


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Nomination of Beneficiary

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