prod01_smThe Produce department is one of the more colorful, eye catching areas of the Co-op. With the just completed renovation, we have the most advanced produce department in the Fredericton area. The farmer’s market style display case that have been created allow us to better serve the membership in a friendly, appealing atmosphere. There is more refrigeration space, and it is more advanced to maintain freshness of the fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Baskets continue to be a popular specialty item with the department. For each price point, you will receive more fruit in the basket then anywhere else in Fredericton. Baskets of various sizes are available in Produce on a daily basis. Orders are received for any occasion throughout the year including Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday Parties and Get Well Soon, starting at $15.00.

Your Produce Department has two fruit and vegetable cut Specialists that can assist you in creating Fruit and Vegetable Trays of outstanding quality, at reasonable prices for any occasion. Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before needed.


To assist you in your shopping experience, and to introduce our little shoppers to fresh fruits, we offer free of charge, washed fruit to kids. Located next to the Potato Barn near the Pharmacy.

Whenever possible, the Produce Department is committed to supporting Fredericton based growers. Our goal is to offer the producer a fair price for the products they grow. This will help ensure Fredericton has a viable food supply into the future. In return, you will receive REAL LOCAL, REAL FRESH, REAL TASTE!